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Professional and Affordable Lake Mary Tree Service

When you look outside, do the trees look amazing and add to the view, or do they look like they could use some help? It’s not always easy to know when to have tree services done, but if you’re in need of tree removal and looking for tree removal services near me or you need tree trimmer service and other tree services, let us help you. We offer Orlando and Sanford tree service that you can count on to keep your yard in great shape.

  • Tree Trimming and Cutting Services
  • Tree Pruning Services
  • Tree Removal Services
  • Tree Stump Removal Services
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Planting
  • Land Clearing
  • Emergency Tree Care
  • Tree Hauling

Residential Tree Services

Common tree maintenance, pruning, and removal for your  Orlando and Sanford home.

Commercial Tree Services

Pruning, trimming, and removal for Orlando and Sanford commercial properties and land.

Land Clearing Services

Orlando and Sanford Land clearing services for site development properties and more.

Customers Reviews

“We were looking for a tree trimmer service near me. Since we were putting up a fence and a big old tree was on the way and one of our neighbors recommended JJ Tree service and I am so happy I called them. They not only took care of the tree but were also very affordable and friendly. I would surely recommend them to anyone looking for tree services.”
– Susan G.
“I was searching for affordable tree service, luckily I found JJ Tree service on the internet. We called multiple tree services to get quotes to remove an oak tree from our yard and JJ tree service price was not only below the top but one of their experts stopped by that afternoon and checked our tree and gave us a complete blueprint and process analysis within minutes. The entire process took them less than a day and was very professional and know what they are doing. Highly recommend them !!”
– Todd Culp.
“We had few branches of our trees bending over on our neighbors roof and we were called JJ Tree service, they were very friendly from the get-go, explained me the entire process and dispatched an arborist to take a look at the tree, they gave me an estimate and the job was done by next day. The whole experience was friendly, professional, quick and hassle-free.”
– Adam G.

Tree Trimming and Cutting Services

Trees may need to be cut because there are dying branches that could fall or because they’re getting too close to the house or power lines. If you’re looking for a tree cutting service near me, we can help you. We offer tree cutting services so you can keep the trees trimmed properly and cut down on potential issues. If a tree is growing too close to the house, call about tree cutting today so the branches can be removed before they cause damage. If you have palm trees, we also offer palm tree trimming service to keep them in great condition all year round.

Tree Pruning Services

Trees should be pruned regularly to keep them in good condition and to ensure they grow properly. If your trees look overgrown, you may be looking for tree pruning near me. We offer tree pruning services to ensure your trees are well cared for and are pruned as needed. Let one of our tree experts take a look at your trees to see if they need to be pruned and to give you more advice on how frequently they should be pruned.

Tree Removal Services

While trees do provide a lot of benefits, there are times when they might need to be removed. They could be growing too close to the home and causing foundation issues, could be in the way of new construction or could be suffering from a disease and unable to recover. If a tree needs to be removed and you’re looking for tree removal companies near me, we’re ready to help you. Take the time to call and ask about tree felling to learn more about how we can help.

Tree Stump Removal Services

Once a tree is removed, the stump is left behind. If you have a stump that needs to be removed or you want to have a tree removed, you may be looking into stump grinding near me. Our tree experts can handle this task for you. We offer tree stump removal along with our tree removal services or as a standalone service, depending on what you need. Simply call to ask about stump removal today to set up a time to have this done and the stump removed from your yard.

Tree Maintenance

Proper tree care is crucial to ensure the tree lasts as long as possible, with no issues like falling or diseases. If you’re worried about the condition of trees and looking for tree companies near me, we want to help you. We can have a tree surgeon take a look at the tree to determine what needs to be done for proper care. If it is suffering from disease, we can let you know what steps need to be taken next to save the tree, if possible.

Tree Planting

Don’t have enough trees in the yard? Whether you’re replacing trees that have been removed or adding to your yard, calling a local tree service for help is an excellent choice. If you need new trees planted and you’re looking for an arborist near me, we can help you. We offer affordable tree service for any services you might need, including planting new trees. Whether you need one new tree or a few throughout your yard, we’ll have them planted and cared for.

Land Clearing

If you’re looking for tree removal near me because you need to remove a lot of trees in the yard, turn to us for help. We offer land clearing services so you can have all of the trees and bushes removed from the property. Let us help you clear the land so you can get it ready for whatever is going to come next.

Emergency Tree Care

Trees don’t just need care during normal business hours. A tree struck by lightning may need to be removed fast to ensure it doesn’t fall on a home or vehicle. If you’re looking for emergency tree removal near me or any other emergency tree service, call us any time. We offer emergency tree removal to ensure your home, family, and property are all safe in the event of any emergency.

Tree Hauling

Once the tree’s taken down, it needs to be removed from the property. This can be hard work, but we offer tree hauling services, so you have nothing to worry about. When you call us about tree service and have a tree removed, we can haul it away from your property for you. We can handle the stump removal as well, so there’s nothing left for you to do.

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