Dangerous Tree of Florida

Florida is known for its natural beauty and Flora, but like anything else in the world, it also comes with some of the dangerous and harmful trees in America. poisonwood and manchineel are the two most notoriously harmful trees in the southeastern part of Florida.

Along with deadly Tress, Florida also harbors some of the not so deadly but can cause a considerable amount of skin rash and irritation. Make sure to take safety precautions as mentioned below while dealing with these plants.

Poison Ivy:

This plant grows everywhere, we can find this plant in the woods around your neighborhoods. When coming in close contact with this plant can cause skin rash and blisters, because it as a chemical called Urushiol. One of the easier ways to identify this plant is it has 3 leaves, so whenever you see 3 leaf plants, remember to be careful not to touch it with bare hands.

If you touch it by accident, the most important thing is to take a shower with soap and warm water and rush to a doctor if you see rashes flaring up on your skin. Do not touch or scratch the affected area as it can spread the infection to other parts of the body.

Poison Oak:

Poison oak is also a shrub and grows mainly in the Northern part of Florida and it contains a chemical called Urushiol, which makes any human itch when comes in close contact with the plant.

During summertime the leaves are green, and it grows berries. Like Poison Ivy, this plant also has 3 leaves on a stem and so leave it alone and make sure to not touch it with your bare hands. Some of the symptoms could be Rash, fever, trouble breathing, swelling, headache, etc.

Poison Sumac:

Poison Sumac also has a chemical called Urushiol and it can also cause skin irritation when comes in close contact with this plant. This plant is grown in northern parts of Florida near swamp, wetlands and wooded areas. One of the characteristics to identify the plant is its leaves, it has 7-13 leaflets arranged in pairs for a single leaflet. When you encounter with this plant, make sure to remove the oil or chemical away from your skin by washing it off with soap and also wash your clothes immediately. Consult your local physician if you notice any rash, fever or heavy breathing.


 This tree is found mainly in Keys, Everglades, and Big Cypress areas. This Tree is extremely dangerous when coming in contact with this tree can cause a severe rash, fever, headache and heavy breathing. The leaflets of this plant are Glossy Green and the bark can be thick and oozing sap which is a chemical called Urushiol.


This tree especially grows in Florida Keys and Everglades. It is the most dangerous tree found in Florida. It has big leaves and thick bark originally from the Caribbean. Their fruit is plum-like looking and if you take a bite out of it, it could be fatal. Every part of the tree is fatal and has a very lasting impact on the human body. If you come in contact with this tree seek immediate medical attention.