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Landscaping: Sod installation and Maintenance

 If you are looking for Sod services in Heathrow, Sanford, Lake Mary, and Seminole you have come to the right place. We at JJ Tree Services, give you one of the best prices for Sod installation because we bring our sod directly from the wholesaler and pass on the savings to you. Having a lush green looking lawn is every homeowner’s dream, make that dream a reality by choosing the JJ Tree Service where we take care of cleaning up your existing lawn by removing all the preexisting grass, gravel or stones and make it all smooth and plain for the sod to sit on top of it and germinate. Before laying sod its important to loosen the subsoil so that sod can easily take roots into the soil and start to grow in no time.

  • One of the advantages of having sod instead of seeding is that you don’t have to wait for a long time for your lawn to grow from seed to lush green goodness 
  • Another advantage of using sod is that all the essential nutrient microbes that come along with the sod which is very essential for the growth of the lawn. 

Before spreading the Sod over your lawn, our experts will make sure to clean any preexisting grass/gravel/uneven surface which will enable the sod to grow deep into the soil and germinate firmly into the ground. If the sod is placed on pre-existing grass, the grass underneath the sod gets decayed thus causing the top sod to wither/dry away.
We work with your taste and cater to your needs. If you are looking Drought resistant, year-round lush green lawns we have it all for you. We have all sorts of sods from Palmetto which requires little sunlight and grows all around the year, it disease-resistant, drought-resistant, and insect tolerant, we have Floratam grass which requires 6-7 hrs. of sunlight and grows rapidly during summers which means it needs to be maintained heavily during summers. We have evergreen sod which is most prone to bugs and insects and needs little higher maintenance out of the bunch, we also carry Seville grass which is a shorter variety of grass and requires plenty of sunshine and can grow in shady areas of the lawn.
We also carry Zoysia which is dark green and wider leafy grass which is brighter greener looking grass and is very easy on the maintenance. We also carry Bermuda kind of grass, which is highly used in golf courses, this grass can withstand heavy traffic and is highly resilient towards bugs and pests. We at JJ Tree Service, lay the sod the same day when it been cut so that the nutrients and micro-organisms don’t die off.   Our experts will also take a look at any shady areas that are covering your sod areas which could weaken your sod and have dry spots on the sod, we overseed the shady area of the sod so that the grass can grow nicely without any dry spots. We always use sod that’s been cut the same day to give you a higher quality and much greener looking lawn.

Call us now for any landscaping services, Lawn Care, Sod Installation, Grass removal. we are the one of the best lawn care services in central Florida area serving Heathrow, Lake Mary, Sanford, Orlando, Longwood, Daytona areas.

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