Tree Removal – Emergency Tips and Measures

Tree Emergency Tips & Measures

There’s no telling when a disaster will happen and Removal of hazardous trees is dangerous; however, it’s safe to say that being prepared ahead of time will allow you to handle the emergency situation in a safer and less risky way.

Find a Reliable Tree Service Company

Before an emergency happens, it always recommended to shop around for a handful of good tree service providers and have their contact information handy for an easy dial in an emergency situation. When you’re in the middle of an emergency, you might be tempted to choose the first company that you find; however, that’s not the best approach as you could end up hiring a company that isn’t experienced, that isn’t licensed and that could end up causing more trouble. Being prepared by shortlisting quality and affordable local tree service providers in central Florida can give you peace of mind and can save you a ton of money when the emergency strikes.

Locating a reliable service is key in an emergency situation. When locating a tree removal company, make sure that they are licensed and insured and that they provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Location Needs to be Secured

During the Emergency situation, there are many other important tasks that are associated with the removal of the damaged tree. The location needs to be secured to ensure that further damage doesn’t happen. A caution tape should be installed around the perimeter of the situation to protect neighbors, kids, and other pedestrians. For example, if the tree fell onto your roof, placing a tarp over the point of entry will prevent more damage from happening to your home.

Removal of the Tree

Just because it’s an urgent situation doesn’t mean that the company should do a quick and sloppy job. Yes, they do need to act quickly, but they still need to pay attention to detail. Emergency Tree Service responders should handle the situation very wisely making sure they don’t cause more damage by establishing safety measures, they should have the proper equipment to handle any sort of damage by effective use of the equipment and their crew members.

Protect Yourself from a Tree Emergency

There are ways that you can tell if a tree is in danger of falling and doing damage. Understanding these signs, you will be able to act quickly before the tree causes serious damage. Here are some signs to notice for a damaged tree and immediate action needs to be taken are:

  • The tree is leaning out of nowhere and it has never leaned before.
  • The Trunk of the tree looks hallow and cracked unusually with leaves falling off and withering away.
  • Bacteria and Virus Patches on the trunk and tree leaves
  • The leaves are wilted and falling off in the middle of the spring or summer.

 Emergencies are a part of life, but when you think of an emergency, a tree is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Hurricanes or storms with gusty winds can topple down weak trees and branches around your property, being educated about signs and characteristics of weak and damaged trees can save you a lot of time and money. Being aware of the signs for Rotten trees and branches can save you from the hassle of emergency tree removal situations. A tree that you didn’t even know was rotted out could topple onto your fence. Being Vigilant about your surroundings and always being aware of your broken tree branches or rotten trees and being aware of the situation will put you in a better position to deal with the situation in a more proactive manner. There are so many different types of tree emergencies that can happen. It’s always best to be prepared!

There are few tree-related tasks that can come DIY category and removal of the tree is not one among them. Hiring a professional tree services provider is the safest means of tree removal, but if you choose to do the deed yourself, the following tips will help you take down a tree more smoothly.

Top five reasons people need 24-hour emergency tree service:

  • Wind damage
  • Lightning strike
  • Ice storm destruction
  • Vehicle running into a tree
  • Poor Tree maintenance
  • Tree failure due to age

Call our 24-hour emergency tree service rather than attempt to clear the danger yourself. We understand the temptation is to try to get a big branch off of a roof or car, but this work is dangerous even for our highly trained crews. It is perilous for amateurs. It requires the special techniques and training our crews have received, and the expertise they have developed removing all or parts of dangerous trees on an emergency basis.

It takes the proper equipment: our bucket crane trucks, special saws, pulleys, cables and braces, and even proper shoes for navigating up in the tree. Please don’t try it yourself.

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